How to remove clutter from your living space – home & office

As you came to know that we should get rid of waste and non usable things from our living space to give space to good energy to flow in our environment & support us to live happy life. As per fengshui or even it is a commonsense that every body like to work and live in clean and neat environment, it naturally give us feel good feel to stay and spend time in clean area. So get rid of all junks from your area and start this activity from today.

Clutter means those things which are waste for you and unusable by you from long time and be not in use in near feature but you kept it as some day it will be your need but that is not truth. So we need to throw and dumb them away from our living space to make area neat and clean for present. Clutter can make space look like disorganised, messy or stressful this invite negaive energy and not fruitful for you.

Remove clutter doesn’t always mean to throw them away but to make them organised so that space look beautiful also a same thing.

Identify spaces which has clutter filled presently, few of as example as mentioned over here :

  1.  Your office desk : Top of the desk, Draws of the desk, area around your working desk. Remove all unusable papers, lamps, non working pens, broken stationary, piles of books & files, etc. Check your draws to remove all old bills, files, papers, pins, etc. and make them organised so that every thing should be at right place where it should be and your desk looks neat and clean to work.
  2. Your garage or storage room : most of the time these are the spaces which we left to clean as we dump all thing there and it is very time consuming to clean it out. So take out time and day to throw out wastage from their and organised things.
  3. Your clothes Almirah :  Take out all the clothes and things you kept in Almirah and sort out all old clothes which you didn’t use from long time due to size, ribbed clothes, etc. One of the best idea to donate these old unusable clothes to needy one so that it will be helpful for them and they used them.  Then arrange all sorted clothes properly in your almirah.
  4. Your rooms : This is a very inauspicious to have spider web in any corner of living rooms or office. So ask the cleaner to clear all the corners of home properly and get rid of it.
  5. Old furniture or broken electronics gadgets : Some time we don’t dispose off old or broken furniture / gadgets and kept them in our storage room. If possible throw them out or sell it to old things market asap.
  6. Damaged watches : Non working watch consider as a very bad indication of negative energy as it sound your life pauses with pause of rotating arms of the watch. your all watches should show correct time and always keeps working.
  7. Old spare parts of automobiles : Get rid of old spare parts of your car for motor bike which you taken back when you installed new part in your vehicle. if they are not usable and throw them out.
  8. Old invoices & fuel bills : These bills attract debts and always make you feel to pay the coming bills. So get rid of them immediately or organised them and filed them in proper office file for future use like taxation etc.
  9. Your wallet : It is very important to clean your wallet, as wallet is essential part of your daily life and it has energy to attract wealth. Get rid of all fuel bills, invoices, non working bank account debit cards, visiting cards of other peoples & all non-relevant things. Fill your wallet with money and debit / credit cards which has high limited or high balances with your business cards only.
  10. Your car : Check your front draw, seat backs & car rear space and throw away all non-useful things. Check with fuel & toll tax bills they need to remove from your car.

And there are lot of places where you see clutter things which needs to be remove. This activity not is not a day job to work. Take out time and do these on by one. So one day you will get rid of all clutter and live clutter free life. Also make habits to put things on place so that you not need to do all above activities again n again.

Hope you enjoyed my above suggestions to clutter free your space.

Thank you !

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