How to feng shui your wallet to attract wealth & money

Your wallet represent your wealth and how you manage it to attract more wealth. With the few suggestions you can make your wallet more attractive to energy which drives money energy to you. There are few ways by which you can balance the use of your wallet so that it will support you in gathering fortunes for you.

Some time you see money goes out very quickly as it comes, make few changes in your selection of wallet and how to use it to secure your money and gain more of it. If you subconsciously are worried about money, and feel like scarcity of money all the time, you will be in a cycle of not enough. One of the first, and fastest ways you can start balancing the energy around your finances, is to start with your wallet, and purse.

Here are the few ways to enhance your finance doors of wallets & purses :

  • Buy the new piece or upgrade your wallet : this is a general practise that we reuse, recycle & keep using things for so long. This means you carry on older energy and prolonged it. Where as you should have fantastic piece of wallet which make you feel “wow” each time you took it out from your pockets. Changing new wallet is also a great time to choose the best colour of it, colour makes the difference in attracting wealth to it. It is simply said – experience you feel, you attract it most. So make your experience of having best wallet for you.
  • Respect : Respect your wallet & purse, take utmost care of it. If you don’t respect to your wallet it means you don’t respect money and money will run from you away. Don’t ever use torn, part away, damaged wallets & purses because it make you feel like you have less money and make you chase for money every time.
  • Colours of wallets : Auspicious colours in feng shui are black, gold, yellow, white, pink & beige.  Among all these gold is a auspicious colour and has high energy to attract money but it can be also has tendency to outflow in high numbers. So it’s usage is different than other colour wallets. it should be just a sticker type thing on to the wallet, wallet should not be full in gold colour. Black is evergreen colour to attract wealth & money as it is of water element and best to use if you want to advance your career and business growth. In yellow mustard yellow is best & pink is best for ladies to attract love and relationships. if you have tendency to spend more then brown or beige is best for you. Never use wallets in red or blue colours red is a symbol of fire it burns your existing money & blue is a symbol of water which drains your existing money.
  • Remove unnecessary receipts : ever you think why you placed fuel slips in your wallet which has been purchased 3 months back, receipt for grocery store, last dinner, etc. Get rod of these receipts this attract debt to you and make you feel to spend more n more.
  • Clutter free your wallets : Similarly like above make your wallet space clean & tidy remove all unnecessary things like receipts, parking paper, notes which is not useful or used to note down some one numbers, store that number in your cell and throw that paper out, business cards, etc. It has been said that money will not come in if your wallet look messy so keep it organised so that money can flow into it.
  • Credit / Debit cards : taking multiple number of credit cards sometime feels good to people but credit card money is not your money it is a pure debt so carry other credit card holder or hold maximum of 1 – 2 credit cards which has high credit limit and you didn’t consumed it. Or if it make you fear then leave them behind at home. It feels you good and money will come in instead of goes out in form of credit lines. Similarly carry debit cards of those accounts which has money stock into it, do not carry cards of empty accounts.
  • Fixed position for your wallet :  Similar to point number second discussed above this is also a type of respect you should give to your wallets by making a fix place for keeping wallets in your home or business. You should decide a particular place for keeping your wallet & make a habit to place your wallet at that place when wallet is not in use. Also never carry your wallet in bags as it means bags do go outs and it take your money away from home with them. Always carry your wallet with you. So money will be in safe hands & returns along you.
  • Replace your wallet : Like other things in this universe every thing has its life time. Do change your wallet every couple of years ( 2 years ) at maximum. As money which keeps revolving and came from different hands which some time also bring bad energies from others so keep changing your wallet will be right solution to make it fresh for new opportunities.
  • Activate wealth luck : magnetise and keep ancient three coins on a red ribbon with your cash in your wallet to attract money. it is a simple fengshui cure to attract wealth.
  • Auspicious shapes : Your wallet should not be in irregular in shapes and sizes where you need to struggle to place your money, they should be of stand size and where we need not to fold money into it.

I have written enough suggestions on keeping your wallet in feng shui way to attract money & success to you.

Happy reading. Thank you !

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