How to improve your love, marriage & relationship with fengshui ?

Some time relationship between life partners goes worse or they are too soar that they are not align together for long. If you want to improve your love life you are at right place to try some fengshui basics and give it a try to live happier love life.

As you already know Feng Shui is all about positive energy. When two person married together, their energies will also aligned & effects each other. These energies should be positive so that both members will nourish their life in happy way. If there is negative energy in one person, then it defiantly effect other one and make worse situation for both of them all together. By application of few fengshui tips you can promote positive energies of both the member and reduce negative vibes to live long your life with love and care.

How to improve your love, marriage & relationship with fengshui ?

  1.  Get rid of clutter : Clean out all clutter from your home, this clutter always make your environment look messy and it creates confusion & negative vibes. Which effects your personal aura and be a blockage for flow of positive energy. This is a first step when you start with Feng shui, clean your home so that there is a space for free flow of positive energy in your home.
  2. Your bedroom setup : In fengshui bedroom is termed as your relationship corner of your home as you spend quality time their with your partner. so pay special care of this space to improve your relationships. Decorate it with tones of Red, Pink & White. Do not make it bright red on all walls as it irritates your eyes.

    There are few things which you need to avoid in your bedrooms

    1. No mirrors : Remove all mirrors from your bed room or cover them when you sleep as it reflect negative vibes when you sleep and your image comes into that mirror whole night. Also it makes your mind active and gives difficulty in good night sleep.
    2. No Fountains : As they have dynamic & draining nature of energy, you should not put fountains in bedroom because you need calm energy for that period.
    3. Avoid Family Pictures : Remove all family pictures of you, your’s children or in-laws as it disturb you while you spend quality time with your partner. You can place pics of you & your spouse only.
    4. No electronics gadgets : Your bedroom is for love & relax, don’t mix it with work computers, televisions, or any kind of electronics which disturb your calm energy.
    5. No dull pictures or art works : Avoid using sad images or art works which represent sadness in bedroom make it vibrant with happy images to make you stress free & highly motivated all the time.
    6. Avoid single items : Never place any item in single, do place items in pair for example side lamps, decorative, etc as pair represent you pay importance to both the peoples equally. It increase your closeness between you & your spouse.
  3. Your bed setting : Your bed is important aspect of your marriage as you guys spend your most intimate time on it so it should be highly cared and here are the few tips in fengshui to make your bed best for your relationship :
    1. It should be accessible from both the side.
    2. Never place your bed under the fan or beam in the roof as it creates pressure on your relationship with negative vibes.
    3. You should not face your feet towards doors while you sleep.
    4. Do not store anything under bed make it clutter free.
    5. Your crown of head while sleeping should phase to your best direction.
    6. Your bed should have solid and slightly big head board.
  4. Keep your door shut : Keep your bed room door shut at night as this is your personal space and you relax with your spouse here so the doors need to be shut down specially in nights so that no foreign energy disturb you in between.

Feng Shui remedies for your bed room :

  1. Hang paintings & art works which represent love & romance such as pair of red cushions, pair of heart shape cushions, pair for swamp, couples enjoying, etc. Any pic which shows romance & love.
  2. Open up your windows or doors to get natural light daily. This will bring fresh air to your bedroom with positive vibes.
  3. rose-quartz-tortoisePlace a crystal tortoise of rose quartz in your bed room it improves love & romance among you and your spouse. It reduces arguments between of you & your partner. It look like this :
  4. Tall lights are considered a good feng shui cure to activate the fire element. You can go for any size in your lighting fixtures when using them as a feng shui cure. Be sure that the size, look and overall design of your light fixture match well with the design of your bedroom.
  5. Light up your bedroom with fire elements like candles, pair of red lamps, soft red lights, etc to further improve your fire in love instinct.
  6. Move your bed to such a location so that both the ways of bed are easy to use, it should not come directly in the path way of door, your bathroom door should not open to your bed and your bed should not have window behind the crown of the bed.
  7. Place a wind chimes in bed room which sounds romantic for both of you.
  8. Do sleep in single double comforter or quilt or what ever the covering is so that it improve closeness among you. Else using different sheet creates separation of energy between two of you. which is bad for relationship.
  9. Never place god statues in bedroom. It is a sin to do private sessions in-front for them. So avoid god pics, sculptures, etc.

These are basic tips which you can follow to improve your love & relationship with your partner for happier & argument free life.

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