How to apply feng shui to your working space in business ?

Business is a place where you generate your wealth to be successful and live happier life. That’s why in fengshui business called as income generator corner of your life. There are various ways you can adapt in fengshui to boost your business income. few of them are discussed inline below :

  • First if all de-clutter your office desk or if you are the owner of the business then your all spaces in your business premises should be properly organised and clutter free.
  • Always try to keep your desk at farthest corner of your office, deeper the corner gives you more benefits as per fengshui.
  • Your desk should not be in path of your entrance door & not be visible from entrance main gate. It invite disturbing energy while you work
  • Do keep your back to solid wall or corner of room. Do not position window behind your back, it creates in-security all the time. If it is not possible then hang some solid covering to the window.
  • Place a scenery of solid hills behind your back to maintain your stability in your business.
  • Avoid offices faces toilets or staircase it creates chances of degradation of your business.
  • There should be one door in your office or if you have two doors in your office then permanently lock on door so that opportunity will not surpass by one door to another.
  • Your office should have even number of corners, square offices are best as per fengshui. Odd corner offices creates confusion in flow of energy.
  • Try to sit towards your best direction as per your kua number at all time in office either in your cabin or in meetings it support you to excel in your business growth.
  • Always sit in your commanding position, farthest corner of any office with wider view of your office is a commanding position.
  • Don’t turn your back towards your entrance door. You need to grasp positive opportunities which enter through your entrance door. Facing back towards door disrespect the positive energy.
  • You can apply below placement map on your desk top


  • Your office desk should be big enough than rest of the tables in your office but it should not be so big that you can’t reach each thing on desk by hand. It should be proportionate big enough so that you can reach each corner comfortably. If you have large table where things are unreachable from your hands than it means your business is out of control of your hands.
  • DO place an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the East, North, or Southeast. A small aquarium with black or blue fish in the North area of your desk or office will activate your business and career success. Guppies or a single arrowana are ideal for an aquarium made of glass and metal.
  • Do place a safe in your office made up of metal it symbolises financial stability of business. Place safe in West or North west area of business or your office cabin.
  • Stick three ancient coins with red ribbon to your working laptop or desktop it creates opportunities for your business growth.
  • Do not have any mirrors in your office, as they can reflect negative energy from other people in the room. You should always maintain control over the energy in your office.
  • Treat your office files with respect specially the financial one. It represent past, present & future of your business. Do use red file for your financial transaction files or customer files.  Keep them in proper draws and respect them by caring them.
  • Place a smooth crystal ball in the Southwest corner of your desk to create the luck of harmonious relationships with all your colleagues.
  • Never place aquarium in your working cabin because it has very fast draining energy which you can’t match with your own energy.
  • Place statue of running horse to beat competition in business.

At last makeover your office space as much comfortable as you really like to work there. You need to feel the experience which you expect from feng shui office.

Thank you !

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