I am Vivek Dengri, A passionate writer on many different subjects based on my life experiences. I have started Fengshuiaura.com due to my interest in Feng Shui applications which I am applying on myself since last eight years in every part of my life. Whether it is my home or business I got tremendous support and well being from these applications.

That’s why I thought to start sharing my knowledge with practical examples so that it will help others who can also take benefits from these to make their life fortunate.

I believe in FengShui concepts because in simple words all its applications works towards  balancing of energies around us, nothing superstitious in it.

Rest is your belief you believe in it or not. Just have a try and share your experience, how you feel in your living after these applications. Just a note if you want to try Fengshui applications first you should believe in it else it will not work for you as it should be.

Thank You !